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Aaron Drozdov was Lissa's boyfriend before she left the Academy. Aaron was in love with Lissa, but she did not feel the same way. After Lissa left, Aaron began dating Mia Rinaldi. However, when Lissa returned, he realized he was still in love with her. After attending a party with Lissa, Mia found out and demanded he choose between them. He chose Lissa and they got back together. Lissa did not need to compel Aaron. It was later discovered that Mia had slept with both Jesse and Ralf whilst dating Aaron. Lissa broke up with Aaron and began dating Christian, whom she had previously kissed whilst dating Aaron. Aaron was deeply hurt by this. Much later, when Lissa falls off a table during a party at the Royal Court, he catches her and she drunkenly kisses him, despite dating Christian at the time.


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