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Alchemists are humans charged with helping Moroi and dhampirs keeping their existence discreet.

Sydney Sage, an ex-Alchemist

Alchemists have an elaborate design of flowers and leaves tattooed in gold on their lower left cheeks. These tattoos are made from gold and Moroi blood charmed with earth

All Alchemists have this tattoo on their cheek, charmed with water earth and some compulsion.

and water. Their charmed tattoo acts as a reward, allowing them to lead longer lives and stops them from becoming ill. The charm also prevents them from speaking about the supernatural world in a way that would expose it. Like dhampirs, the Alchemist “career” is somewhat compulsory and passed down through family. Alchemists' work connections amongst humans can allow them to cover up for Moroi and dhampirs – they have “tricks and techniques” that allow them to dispose of Strigoi bodies. They believe all vampires, even Moroi and dhampirs are evil “creatures of the night” and try to keep as distanced as possible.

Their Golden Lily tattoo has been seen to be broken. This was found by a Moroi who used it on ex-Alchemist Marcus Finch. Once the tattoo is broken the Alchemist is able to use their free will and free thought. In recent history, several to dozens of Alchemists have left the organization due to asking questions to why, or that of being threatened with Re-Education.

Sydney Sage has been one of the several that have defected from the organization, due to falling in love with a Royal Moroi and wondering why the Warriors of the Light are connected to the Alchemist. She also has broken her Golden Lily tattoo under Marcus Finch.


Re-Education is one the dreaded places within the organization of the Alchemist. If a Alchemist is sent to the Re-Education, according to Sydney they don't come back the same as they were beforehand. Keith Darnell is currently inside the Re-Education center for selling vampire blood to the tattoo place, Nevermore. When in sentence in the possiblity for Keith to have a extend time in the Re-Education center, it was shown that he was bashing the windows of the interrogation room and screaming for them to not send him back to the center.

An Alchemist can be sent to the Re-Education center, for the several reasons;

  • Working with Moroi or Dhampirs (selling their blood to humans)
  • Interacting too closely with Moroi or Dhampirs
  • Being in love and in a relationship with a Moroi or a Dhampir
  • Wanting to become a Strigoi

The Alchemists use very harsh techniques in order to "purify" people in re-education. Some include "purge" sessions (where people are made that they'll feel like throwing up at the sight of pictures of Moroi and dhampirs but aren't allowed to vomit until the end) and inflicting pain on people with a substance that makes them feel that they're immersed in acid.

Re-Education in SeriesEdit

The Indigo Spell Edit

It is seen that it is constantly mentioned by both Sydney and Marcus when talking together.

The Fiery HeartEdit

The fear of Re-Education had heighten throughout The Fiery Heart, as in the end Sydney is captured by her father and sister, along with seven other Alchemists near an old restaurant. She is seen to have been placed in a large white room, without any clothing, in the dark. The Alchemist tell her that the reason that she is naked is because she is to be reborn without any "darkness" they constantly asked her to answer to her sins to get her things back, they taunt her with her cross necklace that Adrian got her with the design on the back, but she refused despite wanting the necklace to have a connection to Adrian. They her that it is easier for her to give in instead of resist as they will make the process much worse and damaging. According to Jared Sage, they are going to remove everything that Adrian had done her, despite her telling him that they can't remove everything as she tells him that Adrian has done everything with her.

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