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Alice is the oldest feeder on the St. Vladimir's Academy's campus and Christian Ozera's favorite.

Shadow KissEdit

Most Moroi ask not to be sent to Alice, as she is considered 'crazy' by many. Rose even believes that Christian chooses Alice as her craziness amuses him. In Shadow Kiss, she is the first to talk of the wards around campus failing and needing protecting, a job she offers to Rose, who passes her talk off as mad ramblings.

These ramblings later on turn out to be true, the use of violent magic by trouble makers near the wards has weakened them enough so that the ghost of Mason Ashford attempt to warn Rose about the current security of the school. The weakened wards eventually lead to strigoi attacking the school and taking Eddie Castile, Rose's friend and fellow novice, and a number of students and teachers away. It is on the rescue mission for these captives that Dimitri Belikov is then caught and later turned into Strigoi.