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Andre Dragomir is Lissa's older brother. When he was born his grandfather withdrew from the chance of being king. Very little is known about him (Except for the fact he was a "ladies-man") since he died before the series began in a car accident that killed his father and his mother, and left Lissa the only known surviving Dragomir. Andre was known to party as often as possible and this affected Lissa who, before running off with Rose followed his example by attending the parties and hanging out with higher ranking students. In Vampire Academy, it is revealed that Andre slept with Mia and then harshly dumped her, not wanting any of his friends to find out about his dating a younger, non-royal girl, which led Mia to treat Rose and Lissa unfairly. While he lived, he was the heir to the title as prince/princess of the Dragomir family. Despite his faults, he was a good brother to Lissa and he did love her. Lissa came to terms with that she didn't have to be like Andre to make her parents proud, but could be herself. And while it hurt her to accept the truth of Andre's treatment of Mia, she never doubted that he loved her.

Andre was portrayed by Rory Fleck-Byrne in the film, in the scene with the car accident of the Dragomir family and Rose.