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Did you know that it's a lot harder to put organs back in the body than it is to get them out?

—- Angeline Dawes

Angeline Dawes is a dhampir, the daughter of Sarah and Raymond and the sister of Joshua. She is part of The Keepers. She is first introduced in Last Sacrifice where Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney all first meet her as apart of the keepers. She is later reintroduced as a main character rather than a supporting character in Golden Lily and Bloodlines' ending hired to protect Jill.She is also crazy...seriously crazy.

Physical Appearance Edit

Angeline, like all Dhampirs has an athletic build. She is much bigger than a Moroi and even most humans. In Bloodlines you see this when she borrows Jill's clothes. The clothes that are form fitting and appropriate for Jill look very revealing and inappropriate on Angeline. Angeline's eyes are blue and she is tan. Angeline is also tall for a Dhampir. Sydney described Angeline's hair as strawberry blond but, Adrian describes it as simply red. It is also said that she has dark auburn hair almost like Sonya's.

Personality Edit

At first when Angeline starts attending Amberwood she gets into a lot of trouble. Trouble she has gotten into includes being caught making out with a boy in the boys restroom, inappropriate clothing, and assault. Sydney isn't surprised by this since she comes from The Keepers whom Sydney described as "savage" and "uncivilized". But as she rises to the occasion of being a guardian, Eddie is surprised at how professional and dedicated she gets. Angeline is seen to be a very open person because of her keeper history. She is very open with her body, words, and thought and sees fit to express them. Adrian also states she often rambles on about random things. She is very strong and brave, much like a regular dhampir guardian. She is shy and flustered with her emotions sometimes though. She isn't very good in school but still seems to try. Sonya once compared her to teenage rose being reckless and wild.

Relationships Edit

Last SacrificeEdit

Angeline is introduced to Rose Hathaway, Dimitri Belikov, and Sydney Sage when Sydney takes them to a mountain side village, home of a group that belongs to The Keepers. When Angeline thinks that her brother Joshua has proposed to Rose, it is tradition that the closest female member of Joshua must battle it out with Rose to see if she's worthy. Angeline starts a fight with Rose, but Rose doesn't want to hurt her, so she restrains her the best she could and Angeline reluctantly gives her blessing of her and Joshua's proposal. But Rose does major damage control, because she doesn't want to get married to Joshua. When Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney are about to leave, Angeline begs Rose to take her with them, but Rose says she can't take her with them.


At the end of Bloodlines, it is revealed that Angeline will be Jillian Mastrano Dragomir's new roommate and guardian in Palm Springs.

The Golden LilyEdit

She struggles with adjusting to Amberwood Prep as there are more students than people in her mountain community. She also flirts with Eddie to the point that it borders on harassment, until Sydney explains that she's making him miserable. Trey considers asking her out on a date until he finds out that she's a dhampir. She also manages to get into a lot of trouble while she's there. At the end of the book, Angeline's behavior changes. She's more responsible and realizes that her duty to protect Jill comes first. Eddie sees her change and asks her out on a date.

The Indigo SpellEdit

She dates Eddie and seems quite happy to be in a relationship with him. However, she struggles to keep up in her math class, so Sydney enlists Trey's help. Although she and Trey at first don't get along, Angeline becomes attracted to him and cheats on Eddie with Trey. This is discovered when Trey attempts to sneak into her dorm. Eddie breaks up with her as a result. Trey, feeling guilty for Eddie and knowing he can't be with a dhampir, ends things with her even though he admits that he's fallen in love with her.


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