Ariana Szelsky is the older sister of Lord Szelsky, Janine's charge. She votes against the guardian age change. When Tatiana says that Lissa can't vote because she doesn't have a quorum, Ariana says its true. This is enough for Rose to believe it. Ariana is in the running for queen following Tatiana's death and is friendly towards Lissa despite their rivalry for the throne. Lissa and Rose both want Ariana as queen if Lissa can't be, but Lissa becomes queen.


Vasilisa DragomirEdit

Ariana is in the running for queen along with Lissa. Ariana is friendly to Lissa during this time, being the only one who is, and Lissa wants Ariana to be the next queen. Ariana explains things to Lissa when she doesn't understand and offers her luck. Lissa's disappointed when she learns Ariana's out of the running, but becomes queen herself.

Rose HathawayEdit

Rose likes Ariana, trusting her enough to believe her about the quorum when she didn't believe Tatiana. Rose also likes her as she's kind to Lissa and is against the age decree. She wants Ariana to be the next queen if Lissa can't and is shocked when she's out of the running.

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