Brayden Cartwright is seventeen year old student in public high school, who works part time as a barista. He is extremely smart, and was already accepted at Dartmouth.

The Golden LilyEdit

Sydney meets Brayden Cartwright at a coffee shop when she went to see Trey Juarez. Trey wanted to set her up with Brayden and he does. Brayden and Sydney go to a Shakespeare play for their first date and Sydney realizes that Brayden is a lot like her. On their second date, they go to a windmill farm and get into a argument about facts. Brayden buys Sydney flowers and kisses her after the argument, which leaves her confused.

Brayden takes Sydney to the Halloween dance at her school Amberwood Prep. Sydney goes outside to help Adrian and Brayden comes out after a few minutes. Adrian asks Brayden what he thinks of his "sister's" dress, which leads to Brayden giving too many facts that come out as rude. He tells Adrian that her dress's flamely red color isn't what the Greeks would have worn in that time and age. Adrian mentions a certain kind of Greek woman who dressed in bright colors, but were known as whores. Brayden tells him that Sydney's dress does look like what those women would wear and it angers Adrian.

In the end, Brayden breaks up with Sydney.

The Indigo SpellEdit

Trey comments that Brayden is moping over Sydney, and that he writes sonnets about her.

The Fiery HeartEdit

He is working when Sydney and Ms.Terwilliger stop at Spencer's for coffee. It is mentioned by Sydney that Brayden is over her and is currently dating another girl.


Brayden is intelligent, and somewhat arrogant, as he believes that he is always right. He also is "unmemorable" according to Jill. He is not very expressive of his feelings, and is very focused on schoolwork, like Sydney.


  • Cartwright is a surname that refers to a person who makes carts.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Almost everyone gets Brayden's name wrong except for Sydney and Trey.
  • Richelle Mead purposefully gave Brayden that name because it had the most potential of wrong names attached to it.
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