Carly Sage is the older sister of Sydney and Zoe and the daughter of Jared. She was raped by Keith Darnell. Sydney is the only one who knows about it but Carly made her promise not to tell anybody until Marcus and Adrian show up at her door in Silver Shadows and she tells them both as well. It is later revealed that she is in a relationship with Marcus Finch, who was smitten by her during their first meet.

In contrast to her sisters, Carly was not trained to be an Alchemist and went to college instead. She is also more rough around the edges than her sisters. Her choice of style indicates that. (She has a pixie cut and a nose ring.) Carly attends the divorce hearing supporting her mum. However, as her father had Sydney sent to Re-education(both for her affair with Adrian and to keep her out of the hearing for saying she would support their mother) Zoe goes with her dad by the end of it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Carly is described by Sydney to be "bright and funny". Although she initially blames herself for what Keith did, she gains self -confidence, and is determined to spread awareness of rape culture. She is devoted to her cause. She is also a bit stubborn, as she refuses to forgive Keith for what he did to her, and refuses his request to report his assault to the police, so he can keep living in fear.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Carly is described as being "tall and athletic, with pixie-cut hair and a little garnet nose ring".[1] She has blond hair and brown eyes like Sydney.

References[edit | edit source]

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