Cassie is a human student at Carlton College in Palm Springs. She is the girlfriend of art student, Rowena Clark, and is friends with Moroi Adrian Ivashkov. Cassie is a culinery student at Carlton College and according to several students is incredibly talented.


The Fiery HeartEdit

Cassie is first seen when Rowena is coming out of the medical center after a large part of the representation of human beings in art class had fallen on her hand, actually breaking it though this was healed by Adrian, inside it is said by the doctor that Rowena had only sprained it. Cassie is seen to hug Rowena and was panicking that she had severely injuried herself. According to Adrian Ivashkov, Cassie is described as being a extremely beauitful woman.

Cassie is then see with Rowena and a few other students at the pub that Sydney comes to get Adrian who had been overcome with a Spirit attack and caused him to drink. She and Rowena also helped Adrian on Sydney's birthday with Cassie making the food for the birthday dinner that Adrian was having for Sydney at his house.

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