Declan Neil Ivashkov is the biological son of Olive Sinclair and Neil Raymond and adoptive son of Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage.

The Ruby Circle Edit

Although Olive and Neil are both dhampirs when Declan is conceived, a miracle occurs due to the action of spirit which was induced in Neil's blood when finding a way to prevent people from turning Strigoi through the use of spirit magic. Olive, biological mother of Declan, hands over the responsibility of Declan to both Sydney and Adrian when she was attacked and was about to die from a Strigoi bite. From then on, Adrian and Sydney left Declan with Adrian's mother Daniella and Rose Hathaway. They were still trying to find Jill and couldn't watch over a baby. It was too dangerous.

Neil, biological father of Declan, does not want to take on the responsibility because he fears that Declan's secret will be revealed. He then writes a letter at the end of The Ruby Circle to Adrian and Sydney saying that their love is immeasurable and is surprised by how much struggle they have gone to be together. He concludes by saying that he would rather Declan have a safe future with them. Adrian and Sydney become Declan's adoptive parents.

Physical Appearance Edit

Declan is said to have curly black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. Adrian and Sydney took care of him as if he were of their own and are very protective of him. Sydney makes a habit of talking to Declan only in Spanish.

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