The Dragomir family is one of the twelve royal Moroi families. Their family colors are green and gold, and their symbol is a dragon. The Dragomirs are noted to have produced many Moroi kings and queens in the past. Over time, their numbers dwindled dangerously low, until only two members were left alive. Emily Mastrano theorized in Last Sacrifice that this was due to an individual's or some party's agenda.

Some known family members are:

  • Frederick Dragomir (deceased)- Father of Eric Dragomir, paternal grandfather of Andre, Vasilisa and Jillian Dragomir.
  • Alma Dragomir (deceased)- Mother of Eric Dragomir, Wife of Frederick Dragomir, paternal grandmother of Andre, Vasilisa and Jillian Dragomir.
  • Eric Dragomir (deceased)- Son of Fredrick Dragomir, husband of Rhea Dragomir, lover of Emily Mastrano, father of Andre, Vasilisa and Jillian Dragomir, and former prince of Dragomir line.
  • Rhea Dragomir (deceased)- Wife of Eric Dragomir, mother of Andre and Vasilisa, step-mother to Jillian Mastrano, and Fire User.
  • Andre Dragomir (deceased)- Son of Eric and Rhea Dragomir, brother to Vasilisa, and half-brother to Jillian Dragomir.
  • Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir- Daughter of Eric and Rhea Dragomir, sister of Andre Dragomir, and half-sister to Jillian Mastrano-Dragomir, former princess of the Dragomir line, Queen of the Royal Court, and Spirit User.
  • Jillian Mastrano Dragomir- Illegitimate daughter of Eric Dragomir and Emily Mastrano. Half-sister of Andre and Vasilisa Dragomir, princess of the Dragomir Line, and Water User.
  • Female unnamed Dragomir (deceased) - Ancestor of Lissa. Own a rosary with the Dragomir Chest, that her guardian worn.
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