Earth Symbol

A Earth User is a Moroi that manipulate the earth around them. They can control any natural substance such as stone, dirt, plants, or wood. It is said when an Earth user is in their older years they become weaker with the ability.

Earth users are also able to charm objects and jewewlry to make compulsion spells within the object, this has been used once on Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov with a Lust Spell placed on a gold necklace that was a gift from Victor Dashkov. It can be also said that Earth users can make Attack Spells.

It is noted that Earth users are the ones responsible for the compulsion in the Alchemists' tattoos.

Known Earth UsersEdit

Notes on Earth UsersEdit

"Earth users are able to manipulate the ground--causing mini-earthquakes--rot wood, and throw rocks or balls of mud using their minds. Earth users can also charm silver objects or jewelry with compulsion spells."- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide (Pg 274)