You shouldn't have brought him here.

—Emil to Rose about Christian, Shadow Kiss

Emil was a Dhampir who was one of St. Vladimir's Academy guardians.

Shadow KissEdit

His first appereance is in Shadow Kiss, where he is part of the six-week field experience. When the Strigoi attacked the academy, he was defending the side entrance of the elementry campus where he fended off three Strigoi. Rose and Christian saved him and helped him defeat. When Christian was using his power to burn the other Strigoi and allow the guardians to finish them, Emil was surprised, but told Rose that she shouldn't have brought him here. Christian told him that Moroi should have been involved in fighting Strigoi a long time ago.

After a group of thirteen, both Moroi and Dhampirs, had been kidnapped by the Strigoi, Emil was one of the fifty guardians that went on a rescue mission to save them. He stood near the entrance of the cave alongside Meredith, Rose, Shane, Stephen, and another guardian to await any Strigoi that were fleeing. When Mr. Ellsworth was the second person to get out, Emil wanted to know what was happening in the caves. After Mr. Ellsworth explained everything to him, Emil ordered three novices to take the rescued Moroi and Dhampirs back to the academy while he instructed Rose and Stephen to enter the caves.