Eric Dragomir was the father of Vasilisa Dragomir, Andre Dragomir and Jillian Mastrano. He was the son of Frederick Dragomir and Alma Dragomir. He was married to Rhea Dragomir and was the lover of Emily Mastrano and ex-boyfriend of Emma Drozdov.


Emma DrozdovEdit

Emma was Eric's girlfirend before he met Rhea Daniels. His father approved of Emma, though Eric stated that she was not the last of his girlfriends. They later broke up.

Rhea DragomirEdit

Rhea Daniels was Eric's wife. They first met on a boat, where he found she was engaged to Stephan Badica, who he resented and disliked. Eric fell deeply in love with Rhea, to which they later married and had two children, Andre and Vasilisa Dragomir. Eric died with his wife and son in a car accident, leaving Vasilisa as the last living Dragomir.

Emily MastranoEdit

After the death of his father, Eric began to suffer from depression. He visited Las Vegas one time, where he met dancer Emily Mastrano. He quickly loved and cherished Emily; this resulted in their daughter Jillian. In an act of protecting their daughter, Emily kept her away from Court and Eric had a secret account which sent money to Emily to help raise Jillian.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Eric Dragomir is potrayed by actor Alexander Abadzis in the film adaption of Vampire Academy. He was in the scene with the car accident.
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