Grace Sheridan is the director of the Re-education center in Death Valley.


Silver ShadowsEdit

She is first heard over the intercom in Sydney's cell. It is when Sydney confesses her love for Adrian that her presence becomes known in person. She continues throughout the book torturing Sydney for her supposed transgression by various methods. Such as starving her, putting chemicals in her to induce throwing up, and forcing her to stay in a cell with no articles of clothing on. By the end, of the book she discovers that Sydney is a magic user and locks her away on the fourth level, and was in fact prepared to leave her to die when the place caught fire. But, Adrian saved both Sydney and another victim on the fourth floor before the fire got to them. The last Grace Sheridan was seen she and other alchemists were trying to detain both Sydney and Adrian, but in the end their goal was lost and they got away.


Sheridan is described as a young woman with black hair pulled back tightly in an elegant French twist. She has distinct feature of every alchemist: the golden lily on her cheek. She wears a smart suit.


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