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Sometimes the greatest tests of our strengths are situations that don’t seem so obviously dangerous. Sometimes surviving is the hardest thing of all.

—Abe Mazur, Last Sacrifice

Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur is Rose Hathaway's father. He is a very powerful and wealthy Moroi. In Blood Promise, Rose meets him in Russia, and he attempts to convince her to return back to St. Vladimir's. Rose doesn't find out he's her father until the end of the book.

In Spirit Bound, during Rose's trial, Abe was seen by Rose and Janine Hathaway having a 'talk' with Adrian Ivashkov and was rumoured that he started the bet about whether Rose would show up at the trials or not. He also became Rose's lawyer when she was accused of treason.

In Last Sacrifice, Abe was talking to Rose about the trial moving up and got the C4 used to blow up 'half of the court' so his daughter could escape. He was also fast to react and provide support when Rose and Dimitri came back to prove that Lissa Dragomir wasn't the last of the Dragomir line.

Abe trafficks illegal goods and it appeared that he also trafficked vampire blood to willing humans. He is always blackmailing somebody, specifically Sydney Sage. It is revealed that Abe beat up Keith Darnell and made him blind in one eye after Sydney complained about him. Many people call him Zmey, or serpent, because of how wealthy and secretive he is.

In Bloodlines, when Lee told the group that he staying with his father for a little longer before returning to college in LA, Abe told Rose that Lee had devotion to his father and that was how she should be with him. Highlighting that he wants his daughter around him more often.

He appears again in Indigo Spell where he is seen to be attending Sonya's and Mikhail's wedding.To the great disbelief of Sydney and her fellow Alchemists he drives to the party in the same limo as them. He also tells the Alchemists that there's no blood in the food, showing that he understands their hang-ups.

In the Fiery Heart we first see him in the Moroi Royal Court, coming unanounced when others are wondering how to use the blood from a Dhampir who was saved from being Strigoi. He actually provides ingredients for the tattoo. Later he actually discovers that Sydney wants to play against the Alchemist rules. However he goes along and puts his earth magic in blood. After that he actually reveals that he only does the things he does for his loved ones.

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