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Inna is one of the human servants in Galina's estate where Rose is held captive.


She works for the Strigoi as a servant in exchange for immortality although it's very likely she won't be turned. She loves Nathan, and when Rose attacked him she threw herself protectively in front of him although she was only a human. Rose tried to get Nathan to not kill her by threatening to kill Inna, but Nathan didn't care. That was when Inna managed to elbow Rose in the stomach and socked her. Later on, Inna came back to Rose's room to give her a tray of food, but that was when Rose jumped on her and gets the combinations for the codes to the doors in order to escape. Since she only spoke Russian and said impolite things to her, Rose tortured her in order to get the combination. After getting everything from her, Rose slammed her head against the floor and rendering her unconscious.