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I don't know if you can undo the disgrace you brought down on us by running off with them, but this is a step in the right direction. Do not mess this up. You're being tested. Follow your orders. Keep the Moroi girl out of trouble.

—Jared Sage to Sydney Sage

Jared Sage is Sydney Sage's father, introduced in Bloodlines. In The Fiery Heart, it is said they Jared and his wife are getting a divorce.


Jared is shown to be a very strict and no-nonsense type of person. Because of this, Sydney Sage fears and resents him. He appears to be regretful of the fact that he only has daughters and views Keith Darnell as a son he never had. Jared views the work of the Alchemists as something more important than perhaps even family. He looks down upon Sydney and believes that she does not take her Alchemist job seriously or does it as well as Keith.

Jared can also be unforgiving and is willing to take his daughter, Sydney, to re-education. He can also be violent as he slapped Sydney across the face for fighting back against, and even flinched when hearing that the re-education can't undo everything that Adrian had done with her.

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