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Jesse Zeklos is a royal Moroi who specializes in fire. Upon Rose and Lissa's return, he flirts with Rose (showing his "Casanova" personality) and Dimitri catches them making out. Jesse tells everyone about how low in the social hierarchy Mia's family is. Mia later sleeps with Jesse in return for him telling everyone that Rose let him drink her blood during sex. Mason gets Jesse and Ralf to admit that Mia made them spread the rumors about Rose. Jesse and Ralf later form Mână and end up torturing Lissa. She compels him to imagine spiders crawling all over him, and Rose then beats him up. Because of the darkness within her, she is overwhelmed with the need to kill him.

Appearance Edit

Jesse is known for his "bad boy" looks with his short blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, pale complexion and tempting plump lips. He is quite tall and known to be very attractive and muscular. He is known to be the best looking guy in St Vladimir's.

Personality Edit

Jesse is seen to be cocky and a bad boy. Jesse usually gets what he wants because due to the fact that he's popular and handsome. He's also known to be a bit of a player. After some horrible rumors that were spread around St Vladimir's Rose saw what an idiot Jesse was.

Trivia Edit

  • During Rose's confrontation with Jesse in Mr. Nagy's class in Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead originally wrote that she punched him. This was eventually cut and replaced with Rose walking away from what would have been a fight. Two mentions of the fight, however, were accidentally left in later parts of the book: once by Dimitri when they are discussing Kirova, and the other during Rose's fight with Mia.[1]

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