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Keith Darnell is an Alchemist. He is the son of Tom Darnell, who is a famous, well known Alchemist, and is a favorite of Jared Sage, Sydney Sage's father. Keith raped Sydney's sister Carly, telling Carly the whole time that it was her fault she made him do this, because he could never take his eyes off her. In revenge, Sydney Sage hired Ibrahim Mazur to stage a Strigoi attack and forcibly remove one of Keith's eyes. Sydney thought maybe this would help him keep his eye(s) off of any more women.

Bloodlines SeriesEdit


Keith is the Alchemist for the town of Palm Springs, California. When he learns that Jillian Mastrano Dragomir is being forced into hiding there, he tries to get Zoe Sage as the Alchemist to help the mission. Sydney Sage, although not happy about being with Keith, accepts the job before her sister can get involved. Sydney wants to keep Zoe away from Keith and away from the Alchemists. Keith and Sydney have a very tense and awkward relationship at Palm Springs. When Sydney discovers that Keith is running a tattoo shop that has Moroi blood in their tattoos, she finds out all the information she can and reports him to the authorities. Adrian and Sydney expose everything they know, Keith is removed from his Alchemist position in Palm Springs, sent to re-education, and Sydney is offered the Alchemist job in Palm Springs.

The Golden LilyEdit

Sydney Sage is called to Alchemists head quarters for an unknown reason. She is brought into a room with a few fellow Alchemists, Keith's father, Tom Darnell, and Keith is locked in a cell, behind a one way mirror. The Alchemists want to know her opinion about Keith enduring more re-education. She insults his character horribly, but says he should not endure much more. Tom thanks her for her statement, as the Alchemists have lessened his sentence of re-education. Keith is not seen for the remainder of The Golden Lily.

The Fiery Heart Edit

Jared calls Keith through a video call for Sydney to talk to him after taking her and her sister, Zoe, out for lunch. Keith is seen to be extremely different that what he was before entering Re-Education, as he has begun to talk to himself telling himself that he has to "purge the darkness". He is now working in a office as he is not allowed to do any field work due to have worked with Moroi. According to Sydney he looks like he given up both mentally and physically.

Silver Shadows Edit

While in Re-Education, Sydney notices a message Keith wrote to her sister on the Wall of Truth, apologizing to her. She realizes that Keith was re-educated in the same facility she was in. In a dream message to Adrian, she tells him to find her sister, as she would likely know where Keith was located. When Adrian and Marcus find Carly, she revealed that Keith had indeed come to her after his release, begging for her forgiveness and asking her to report his assault on her to the human police. She refused, as she wanted Keith to live the rest of his life in fear, the same way she had used to. However, Keith still sends her emails regularly, begging for forgiveness. Carly gives them Keith's' address, revealing that he lived in Idaho.


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