Laurel is a student at Amberwood Prep in Palm Springs, California. She has a crush on Micah and therefore does not like Jill Mastrano Dragomir, because of Micah's attraction to her. She makes fun of Jill, calling her "Vampire Girl" (due to Jill's pale skin), and tries to make Jill's life miserable.

Bloodlines Edit

Laurel torments Jill, so Jill seeks revenge by using her water powers after P.E. class one day to freeze the shower Laurel is taking. This act makes Jill feel better but causes Sydney anxiety due to her hatred for Moroi magic. Laurel does not stop tormenting Jill though, she tells the school that Jill is selling alcohol to students, causing Jill and Sydney's dorm to be searched. Nothing is found because Jill was not actually selling alcohol, it was just something Laurel made up. Sydney seeks revenge on Laurel by replacing her shampoo with chemicals that made Laurel's hair turn into a greasy mess that would not wash out. Finally, Laurel sought out Sydney because she heard she could help her, and Sydney told her she would only give her the antidote if she apologized to Jill and stopped tormenting her. Laurel agreed and left Jill alone.

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