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Lee Donahue was the son of Clarence Donahue and a restored Strigoi, who killed several girls by blood drinking to "reawaken", but spirit prevented the change when a Strigoi tried turning him again.


Lee Donahue is the college-aged son of Clarence Donahue. He lives in Palm Springs with Clarence and "attends" college classes in California, a little ways from Palm Springs. He is first introduced in Bloodlines, as he and Clarence offered to let Jill and Adrian, use their feeder. Adrian is also living with Clarence and Lee, due to the fact that he is too old to attend Amberwood with Sydney, Eddie and Jill and has nowhere else to stay. Lee is very supportive of everything Sydney does, and is forever thankful to Eddie for protecting Jill. He develops a crush on Jill easily and seems to be very relaxed and easy going. And despite his being a Moroi, Sydney decides she approves of him. The only one who doesn't seem to like him is Adrian Ivashkov, the protective "older brother" of shadow-kissed Jill. But towards the end, it is revealed that the girls who were murdered in California, including Clarence's niece Tamara Donahue, were all victims of Lee Donahue's attempts at once again becoming Strigoi by drinking different types of blood, i.e.: Moroi blood, Dhampir blood, and human blood. Lee was planning on "awakening" Jill with him so they could be Strigoi together. He was restored by spirit from being Strigoi, and ever since has been planning to become Strigoi once again. His blood is drunken by a Strigoi and she attempts to awaken him, but she fails. Sydney's fire amulet catches one of the females Strigoi hair on fire and Eddie come to stake them.


Lee is described as being gentle, supportive, relaxed, easy going and understanding. He always agrees with anything to keep Jill safe and is liked by everyone, Adrian Ivashkov excluded. He is an air-using Moroi and always has a nice time, able to talk to everyone, but deep down he is power hungry and would do anything to become an immortal Strigoi once again.


Jillian MastranoEdit

-Jillian Mastrano and Lee Donahue meet in Bloodlines, due to the fact that Clarence Donahue offered to let Jill and Adrian use his "feeder" twice a week, and Lee is Clarence's son. The two easily develop a good friendship, and despite the fact that Jill is only 15 and Lee is college-aged (19), the two also begin in a light relationship. Lee seems to have real feelings for Jillian, and the two go out to dinner a few times and have a mini-golf group date together. After Jill's fashion show, it is revealed that Lee Donahue has been planning to become Strigoi once again and has been killing all the young girls in California, but that he never meant Jill any harm. He confesses that, though twisted, his feelings for Jill are real and he plans on turning her into Strigoi.

Adrian IvashkovEdit

Adrian Ivashkov and Lee Donahue also meet in Bloodlines, but unlike Jill and Lee, do not develop a very good friendship. Despite the fact that everyone seems to tolerate or like Lee, Adrian is constantly worried for Jill and her being taken advantage of by older guys, more specifically, Lee. He is always jumping on the age difference between the two and telling Lee to find girls his own age, and his dislike of Lee and Jill's relationship is made clear throughout the story. When it is found out that Lee is Strigoi and countable for the murders of young girls, Adrian says something along the lines of "I told you so" and expresses that he knew something was up with Lee the whole time. Adrian is very protective of Jill, as they share a shadow kissed bond, and he feels as if she is his younger sister.

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