A magic user or witch is a human who is able to perform magic. Unlike Moroi who gain magic naturally, humans must "wrest it from the world" in order to properly harness it. In addition, they must be able to painstakingly measure out the components needed in order to use these spells, and have a small amount of natural talent. As a result, it is implied that there are not many magic users. It is noted that Sydney Sage's blood has traces of all four elements, and it is later revealed that all magic users have traces of all four elements, which makes their blood inedible to Strigoi.

Spells Edit

Spells are the core of a magic user's power. Simpler spells require more components and take more prep time, while the more complex spells require fewer components and prep time, but take more power to use. How easily a magic user is able to perform a spell depends on the level he/she is at. Performing spells also often causes a slight drop in the user's blood sugar levels, requiring a large calorie intake to combat.

Simple Spells Edit

Simple spells are spells that require many components and only a little bit of power to make. Examples of this are the fire spell Sydney uses to distract the Strigoi, as well as the invisibility spell she uses when fighting the Warriors of Light.

Intermediate Spells Edit

Intermediate spells are spells that still require some components to make, but use more of the caster's focusing power. Examples of this include the scrying spell that Sydney uses to find Sonya in The Golden Lily.

Complex Spells Edit

Complex spells are spells that require almost no components to make, and require a great deal of the castor's energy. Examples of this include the spell Ms.Terwilliger uses to break the clay pot, as well as the scrying spell Sydney used to locate Veronica and Marcus Finch.

Covens Edit

Magic user groups are known as covens. The coven Ms. Terwilliger is part of  is known as the Stelle. In order to join a coven, the magic user is consecrated with the elements by one of the coven members, and must recite vows. In the Stelle, the user must vow to do no harm unless it is in defense of others.

Known Magic Users Edit

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