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Marcus Finch is a former Alchemist, and an acquaintance of Clarence Donahue. He saved Clarence from a group of Warriors, and also is the source of some of Clarence's information on them. Sydney asks Stanton about him, but she claims that he doesn't exist. The Warriors claim that he is a renegade Alchemist, which confuses Sydney since there are no former Alchemists. When she later looks at a picture of Marcus given to her by Clarence, she notices that he has a swirly blue tattoo that appears to cover up his Alchemist tattoo.

The Indigo SpellEdit

After using a location spell to track down Marcus, Sydney Sage finds him hiding in Santa Barbara where he was hiding inside a closet, When she opens the door to the closet, he attacked her, punching her in the face. They fight and then he sees that she is Sydney Sage and says that he has been looking for her. Marcus also working with Warrior of the Light, Sabrina, who is a spy for Marcus. Sydney takes him to Adrian to heal his injuries that she caused him in the fight, Marcus was excited to meet a Spirit user saying that he had always wanted to meet one. When at Adrian's house, Adrian sees the bruise on Sydney's face and he attacks Marcus causing the two into a physical fight, despite this Sydney breaks the fight and eventually Adrian agrees to heal Marcus.

Marcus organises to see Sydney to talk to her about the Alchemist and Warrior's secrets, as he meets her at a aracade where he is playing Skee-Ball, telling her that he left the Alchemist because of a Moroi girl whom he was friends with when he was in field work in Athens. As he learned that Alchemist where keeping Moroi in cages and at this because he was threaten with re-education, he ran away, and broke his Golden Lily allowing him to free for the Alchemists. Another meeting is organised with Sydney but this time she allows her to bring a friend, Eddie, to the meeting where she meets other members who also broke their lilies. Marcus tells her that he will break her Lily if she breaks into St Louis and takes the video footage about Alchemist and Warriors working together to go after Jill. Sydney agrees to this, taking the video footage back to Marcus and the others, at this she agrees for Marcus to break her Golden Lily which frees her lily. Marcus also offers her to come with them to Mexico to escape and run away from the Alchemist, forever.

Just before leaving, Sydney who had originally agreed to go with Marcus and others, but she declines the offer to run away as she tells Marcus that she is in love. At this Marcus leaves with the others to Mexico, and Sydney meets Adrian at the Getty Villa after decoding his instructions for her to meet him there. She admits that she does love him, and they spend the whole day together.

When Sydney returns to Amberwood, she arrives past curfew and is assigned detention after winter break ends by Mrs. Weathers. Sydney is told that one of her cousins has arrived at Amberwood, and goes to her room to find Zoe, her little sister, who has been assigned as a junior Alchemist in Palm Springs.


Marcus is very flippant and rarely takes anything seriously, similar to Adrian. He also is used to having his own way, and he is a ladies' man. Most girls are attracted to him, except for Sydney. However, he has sometimes acted serious, such as when Sydney gave him the information that proved his theory.


  • He is portrayed by Luke Lenard in The Indigo Spell trailers.
  • His father took him to arcades when he was a kid.
  • He was assigned to Athens, which was one of Sydney's dream assignments.
  • He is seen to have a crush on Carly Sage, as he admires her resilience and strength, it is later revealed that he is dating Carly in The Ruby Circle.
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