Mia Rinaldi is a Moroi who begins dating Aaron when Lissa leaves the Academy. Upon Lissa and Rose's return, Mia instantly takes a disliking to them due to Aaron's existing love for Lissa and the fact that her brother, Andre, used Mia prior to his death. She sleeps with Jesse and Ralf to get them to spread rumours about Rose. After finding out that Aaron went to a party with Lissa, Mia demands he choose between them, so he breaks up with Mia and gets back together with Lissa who tells everyone to ignore Mia. After Lissa breaks up with Aaron and begins dating Christian, Mia regains her social status. Mia's mother is killed by Strigoi, making her feel alone. She leaves the Academy to hunt Strigoi with Mason and Eddie. Whilst trying to get them to return, Rose and Christian are captured along with them by Strigoi. Mia saves Rose's life by using her water element to temporarily suffocate Isaiah. After this, Mia leaves to live at the Royal Court where her father now works. Guardians begin training Mia in combat and she begins to look a lot more mature. However, she is still an outcast. Through out the series she helps the characters with things they wouldn't be able to do with out her

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Mia Rinaldi (Sami Gayle) and Aaron Drozdov (Ed Holcroft).

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