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The Moroi chose their rulers from among twelve royal families. The eldest in the family got the title of "prince" or "princess".

Rosemarie Hathaway, Vampire Academy

The King or Queen is chosen from the members of the twelve Moroi royal families.

The Dragomir Family are the smallest with only two living members; Lissa and Jill. Lissa is unaware Jill is her half sister until book six when it is uncovered Lissa's father had an affair with Miss Karp's cousin Emily.

From the smallest to the largest, Dragomir is followed by Badica, Conta, Ozera, Tarus, Dashkov, Voda, Lazar, Drozdov, Zeklos, Szelsky and Ivashkov. The Ivashkov family has over 200 members. The eldest member of the family is given the title of Prince or Princess.

The Dragomirs and Ozeras are described as two once great royal families. However, with the Dragomirs almost extinct and the Ozeras disgraced by two of their members willingly becoming Strigoi, they are not as powerful as they once were. The Ivashkovs are very powerful and the Contas are described as an up and coming royal family with one of their number rumoured as being Queen Tatiana Ivashkov's successor before Lissa.

Each royal family has an emblem, an example being a dragon shrouded in flowers for the Dragomir crest.

The Twelve Royal Families[]