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Natalie Dashkov is Victor Dashkov's daughter and a "cousin" of Lissa's. At the end of Vampire Academy, she is persuaded by her father to turn Strigoi and is later killed by Dimitri.

Biography Edit

She is described as dull and not as involved in the social scene as most Moroi of her position. Natalie spends most of Vampire Academy spying on Lissa, trying to catch her in the act of using Spirit. She kills animals and leaves them for Lissa to heal, which drives Lissa to the edge, then uses her Earth magic to injure Rose. At the end of Vampire Academy, Natalie's father convinces her to turn Strigoi. Her victim to become Strigoi is the elderly Slavic arts teacher, Mr. Nagy. She then proceeds to help her father attempt to escape. After assaulting Rose, Natalie is killed by Dimitri Belikov with some help from Rose.

Physical Appearance Edit

Natalie is slim and beautiful. She has pale skin with thick and long jet black hair and jade green eyes. In the film adaptation, Natalie wears glasses and has dirty blonde and curly hair.


  • She is portrayed by Sarah Hyland in the film adaption.
  • In the book, she kills Mr. Nagy in order to become a Strigoi. In the film, she kills Ralf Sarcozy.
  • In the film, Nataile wears glasses, but Moroi are supposed to have good eyesight.