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I know you.

—-Nathan to Rose Hathaway, Shadow Kiss

Nathan is a pale, blond-haired Strigoi who first appeared in Shadow Kiss.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shadow Kiss[edit | edit source]

Before he became a Strigoi, Nathan had apparentley seen Rose and Lissa when they were kids. Years later, he was one of the fifty Strigoi that were attacking the academy. During the fight, he encountered Rose once again and recognized her while she was fighting him. He hoped that he would receive a reward if he would kill Lissa, the last living member of the Dragomir bloodline. Later, during a rescue mission, Nathan grabbed Dimitri Belikov and turned him into a Strigoi.

Blood Promise[edit | edit source]

In Blood Promise, Nathan was living in Galina's estate until he encountered Rose once again. He was shocked to learn that Dimitri kept the young Dhampir girl as his pet and became furious. Since Rose was a prisoner, Nathan believed that she can lead him and the Strigoi to Lissa, the last of the Dragomir line, and his name would be legendary. When Dimitri told him to leave, Nathan warns him that it wasn't over, and he would explain this to Galina. Later on, when Dimitri was planning on taking Rose outside the estate to wonder, Nathan encountered them and told Dimitri that it was against the rules to do so. After Dimitri insulted him that he would tell Galina that he overpowered him, Nathan was furious and lunged at Dimitri, but he was easily beaten.

After been beaten, Nathan came to Rose's room and interrogated Rose in order to find out where Lissa was heading to after she graduated from the academy. As he made his attempt to kill her, Rose gave him a punch, but he knocked her across the room. Rose tried to get Nathan to not kill her by threatening to kill Inna, but Nathan didn't care. After watching Inna sock her, Nathan made his attempt until Dimitri bursts into the room and threatened to kill him if he tries to make another move to harm Rose. He was later killed by Dimitri while Rose made her attempt to escape.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a Strigoi, Nathan was described to very cruel and antagonistic. It is unknown what his original personality was when he was still mortal.

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