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Nathan Ivashkov is father of Adrian Ivashkov and ex- husband of Daniella Ivashkov.

When Adrian organized a dinner for Rose to meet his parents, Nathan Ivashkov completely disregards her, even going as far as saying that "she isn't important", when his wife told Adrian not to speak rudely in front of guests.

Daniella tells Rose to call her by her first name when she calls her 'Lady Ivashkov', yet Nathan does not extend the same courtesy; Rose is happy for this, because the guy that turned Dimitri into a Strigoi was named Nathan, and she didn't want to have to speak that name.

The Golden LilyEdit

Nathan comes to California for a meeting and Adrian wants above all to hear about his mother and to be positively acknowledged by his father. Since Adrian didn't have a car he asked Sydney to drive him. Nathan acted the way he usually does toward Adrian saying that he wouldnt do anything but screw up. This causes Adrian to rush off. Before going after Adrian, Sydney tell Nathan she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say unless it's an apology to Adrian.