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Neil Raymond is a guardian who was assigned to protect Jillian Mastrano Dragomir at Palm Springs. He completed his education in Devon, England. Because of this he has gained a faint English accent. He had a relationship with Dhampir Guardian Olive Sinclair, with whom had a child with named Declan Raymond. However unable to care for his child, he gave him to Adrian Ivashkov. He is deemed to have gone AWOL to the Guardians to protect his son.


The Indigo SpellEdit

Neil Raymond was brought to Palm Springs for Jill's extra protection, after Sydney phoned Donna Stanton when she was freed from the Golden Lily. Unlike the others Neil was not made a relative.

The Fiery HeartEdit

Neil goes with the group, excluding Sydney, to Clarence's house for their feeding on Friday. It is seen that Jill and Angeline have a crush on Neil, because of his accent. At the house he told everyone that in his sophomore year at Devon they made the dhampirs live on the moors for three days, and they only could eat twigs and anything they could find (though curiously he said "Devonshire", which is a common American mistake when talking about the English county, Devon - as well as saying 'sophomore', which is also American). Adrian and Eddie find him to either to be truthful or was making it all up to gain the girls' affections. He came with Jill when Adrian was taking her out for supplies for school, to where it is found that he has never killed or fought off Strigoi unlike Eddie, and Adrian kept teasing him. Neil has also joined the wrestling team, to which Adrian tells him that he doesn't deserve to win his matches because he is a dhampir, then telling him that Eddie faked a ankle injury to get out of basketball because Eddie didn't want glory that he doesn't deserve.

Neil was chosen by Adrian to go with him to Dallas, Texas, to see a nearly restored Olive Sinclair. In Texas, Neil is seen to have developed feelings towards, Olive Sinclair, as it seen that he has remained in contact with her after leaving Texas. He then went with Adrian and Sydney to Court, where he was chosen to have the restored Spirit magic tattoo so that he can never turn into a Strigoi; he got a cross on his shoulder. He was involved in the car crash with Adrian and Sydney, and was with them for two days in a Bed and Breakfest, where he worked out that Adrian and Sydney were in love. Wanting to test out if the tattoo had really worked, he asked Sydney and Eddie to come with him to Los Angeles to test the tattoo against a Strigoi. Neil offered himself a bait to the Strigoi, where he was bitten but eventually the Strigoi was disgusted by his blood. Neil was out of the fight due to the endorphins in his system.

He was present when Eddie told Adrian that Sydney had been captured by the Alchemists and taken to Re-Education - he also is seen to trying to help the group find Sydney. He also learned that Sydney is a witch when he saw her light a fire after the car crash to keep them warm.

Ruby Circle

Meets Declan after Adrian  telling him about him being a miracle. Gives Declan to  Adrian and Sydney to raise as adoptive parents. Said to be AWOL. Let's Adrian and Sydney send pictures of Declan to him

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