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Palm Springs, California is the main setting of the Bloodlines Series. Sydney Sage is chosen by the Alchemists to participate in the mission to hide and protect the Dragomir princess, Jillian Mastrano Dragomir. How Sydney must protect her charge though, is something she may not be ready for. Sydney, Eddie Castile, and Jill Dragomir must enroll at Amberwood Prep as siblings. Being sisters, Sydney is allowed to share a room with Jill. Eddie is along to protect Jill from potential threats.

Sydney and Jill share a room at Amberwood Prep. Across town, there is a house that belongs to Clarence Donahue. There live Clarence, his son Lee, and Adrian. This is where Jill goes, twice weekly to receive feedings.
Keith Darnell is the local Alchemist for the Palm Springs area. Keith is supposed to report back to main Alchemists headquarters with reports from Sydney on how everyone is doing at Amberwood Prep. Sydney and Keith have a horrible relationship because back when Keith was living with the Sage family, Keith raped Sydney's older sister, Carly Sage. Their relationship is very tense and awkward. Although it seems very obvious, only Adrian picks up on their awful relationship. Adrian witnesses Keith screaming at her one day and attempts to talk to Sydney about it, even trying to offer comfort, but Sydney wants nothing to do with it.

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