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Reed Lazar and his sister Avery appear when their father Eugene Lazar is appointed as Headmaster of St. Vladimir's in Blood Promise. Reed is known to be very non-social most of the time, when he does talk he's very rude. Reed and Simon are both shadow-kissed. Avery is a spirit user and some people think that she killed Reed so she could bring him back, and make him shadow-kissed. Avery uses her spirit abilites to control Lissa. Oksana, Rose, and Lissa manage to push Avery out of her head just in time. Adrian walks in and joins the fight. Avery was already crazy from having two shadow-kissed partners, so when Adrian, Lissa, and Oksana use their powers on Avery it pushes her over the edge along with Reed and Simon. Avery, Reed, and Simon end up being put into a mental hospital. The circumstances around his death and resurrection is unknown. No one seems to have even known that Reed had died, but from the little he could tell in his damaged mentality, Adrian suspected that Avery kill her brother and brought him back.

Trivial Edit

  • It's not explained why Avery choose her brother to become her second bondmate, but if she wanted Lissa as her bondmate, because she hoped another spirit user would increase her powers, it's possible that she back then thought that a moroi was a upgrade from Dhampir. And since Reed is her brother, it would be easy for her to kill him in secret and revive him without anyone discovering it.