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Rhea Dragomir (née Daniels) was the wife of Eric Dragomir and the mother of Vasilisa Dragomir and Andre Dragomir. She also was half-royal, since her mother was an Ozera. She was previously engaged to Stephen Badica when she and Eric met. 


Sunshine is the short story submitted by Richelle Mead to the Kisses From Hell Anthology, containing Rhea's young adult life around the time where she meets Eric Dragomir, her eventual husband. It shows the first few hurdles of their relationship and how they became a couple.

The Vampire Academy SeriesEdit

Throughout the Vampire Academy series, the death of the Dragomirs is frequently mentioned. It is one of the reasons Vasilisa has nightmares in Vampire Academy, because she is still greatly affected by her mother and father's death, as well as her brother Andre's.


"Rhea" is also a titaness- the mother or gods and the sister wife of the titan king- Kronos.

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