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You should have told me, You should have told me this a long time ago. I love you. I've never stopped loving you. You have to know that.

Rosemarie Hathaway proclaiming her love to Dimitri Belikov, Last Sacrifice

Rosemarie Hathaway is the narrator and heroine of the Vampire Academy series. She is a Dhampir Guardian and the only daughter and child of the infamous Moroi, Ibrahim 'Abe' Mazur and the well-known guardian Janine Hathaway.

From a young age, she was raised at St. Vladimir's Academy after being sent there by her mother for Dhampir training and schooling. Since the age of five, she has been the best friend of Queen Vasilisa Dragomir. At the age of fifteen, she died in the same accident that killed nearly the entire Dragomir family, only to be saved by Lissa using the element Spirit, making her shadow-kissed. In the same year, she and Lissa ran from St. Vladimir's to save the latter form an unknown threat, only to be brought back by a group of guardians lead by Dimitri Belikov two years later.

Upon her return to St. Vladimir's, Dimitri was assigned to privately teach Rose in order to catch up with her classmates' training level. Over the course of a few weeks, she becomes completely infatuated with Dimitri, hoping he would reciprocate those feelings. Eventually, her wish comes true and they fall in love despite it being forbidden, with Dimitri being Rose's teacher and the fact both would one day be Lissa's guardians. At the age of seventeen, she killed two Strigoi, Isaiah and Elena, but lost ex-boyfriend, Mason Ashford, in the process. At eighteen, she was arrested after being framed for killing Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. She later found the real killer, Natasha Ozera, after finding Lissa's lost (half) sibling, Jillian Mastrano. At the end of Last Sacrifice, Dimitri finally becomes her boyfriend. She is famous for her accomplishments as a novice and as the guardian of Queen Vasilisa Dragomir.


Early Life[]

Rosemarie Hathaway (born 21 March 1992) is the only daughter and child of the infamous Turkish, non-Royal Moroi, Abe Mazur and famed guardian, Janine Hathaway. From a young age, she was raised at St. Vladimir's Academy after being sent there by her mother for Dhampir training and schooling. Since the age of five, she has been the best friend of Vasilisa Dragomir. At the age of fifteen, the Dragomir family brought Rose along for their winter break. Eric Dragomir was driving with his wife, Rhea, next to him while Lissa, Rose, and Lissa's brother, Andre, were in the back. As Eric was turning up the radio, at Rose and Lissa's request, a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road smashed into them, killing everyone but Lissa. She used her element Spirit to bring Rose back from the dead, making her the first known shadow-kissed dhampir since Anna. Upon their return to St. Vladimir's, Rose became more reckless than normal, a side-effect of being shadow-kissed. She began to party and sneak out of her dorms on several occasions, even attempting, and failing, to climb out of her dorm window, which resulted her badly injured. Rose was caught by Sonya Karp, who healed her after making a mutual agreement to keep each other's secrets; she saw the scars on Sonya's head caused by her scratching her forehead due to the darkness spirit.

Another time, when Rose and Lissa were sneaking out to meet Abby Badica, who exchanged a bottle of peach schnapps for rhinestone-studded sandals with Rose, Sonya caught the duo again. While the three were walking back to the school, Lissa brought a raven back to life with Rose and Sonya witnessing the event - the latter realizing Lissa could use Spirit. Natalie Dashkov had also saw this from afar and told her father, Victor Dashkov, who later used this to torment Lissa. Sonya then compelled Rose to take Lissa and leave the academy, telling her they would taker away too, meaning Lissa would be taken by guardians from the academy into psychiatric rehabilitation. A few weeks later after witnessing Lissa go into a spirit-induced rage, Rose and her escaped the academy via a car trunk.

Two years later, Guardian Dimitri Belikov finds them in Portland, Oregon and brings brings them back to the academy. He later helps Rose graduate by giving her extra training sessions, during which Rose develops a huge crush on her mentor - both eventually fall in love with each other, despite the forbidden nature.

Vampire Academy[]


Described as looking like a semi-exotic desert princess, Rose is gorgeous and constantly admired for her large sex appeal. She has a slim physique, with feminine curves, large round breasts, small waist, rounded hips, and a light layer of lean muscle covering her body. At 5'7", Rose is the shortest of her friends, most who are male (given most Dhampir guardians and novices are male).

She also has beautiful thick, dark, long brown hair that shines black in the right light, dark brown eyes with golden flecks, and lightly tanned skin which she describes as being "the color of the inside of an almond".


At the beginning of the series, Rose is a reckless and impulsive person; she enjoys partying, drinking, and boys, often getting herself (and others) into trouble for fun. In the first book, she considers herself a novelty, as she is always pulling off crazy stunts and making wisecracks for entertainment. Although somewhat flirty with other males, and willing to make out with those who caught her eye, she is not necessarily promiscuous, considering she remains a virgin for much longer than most of her peers (she eventually loses her virginity to Dimitri on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday). When she hooks up with Jesse in the first book, she firmly states that she is not having sex with him. Rose also holds very little respect for authority figures, often mouthing off to teachers and earning herself detention. Rose can also be somewhat violent towards those who antagonized her. She has a reputation on campus for being someone who you did not want to pick a fight with, especially after she broke a girl's arm in the ninth grade. Basically, Rose was not all talk: not only can she shoot out hilarious and seething comebacks, but she packs a mean punch. Otherwise known as a fighting beast. At Dimitri and Rose's first meeting in Oregon, he saw her strength and responsible loyal sense of duty (towards Lissa). Dimitri saw fierceness and a devoted beauty. Even in the earliness of Rose's career and life when she was reckless, childish, and a novice, there was a great guardian and fighter.

"There was a passion and intensity that radiated off of her, almost like a palpable thing"

Rosemarie Hathway.jpg

However, as time passes, especially after Mason's death, Rose begins to become much more grounded and responsible. She thinks through her actions much more, in contrast to her old reckless self, shedding some of that old impulsiveness. This is greatly highlighted when she chastised Mason for trying to seek out Strigoi, something she herself would most likely had done in the past. She also becomes much more practical. She finds most information useless unless it teaches her how to become a better guardian, showing an attitude similar to other guardians. Despite this, she still uses what Dimitri calls "Rose-logic". Rose-logic mostly just entails trying to find loopholes in everything in order to rationalize doing something unreasonable, or when Rose tries to justify something that makes little sense. Even back when Rose was irrational and reckless, she had a very strong sense of duty to the Moroi. As stated by Dimitri, she understands her duties better than most guardians twice her age and experience, hence even at the start of the series, looking beyond her smart ass behavior, she is still quite mature in that regard.

Like Dimitri, Rose has very powerful protective instincts. She cannot stand to sit back and see people get hurt, always trying to do something to help whenever possible, even if for a complete and total stranger. She is extraordinarily devoted to helping innocent people and protecting the Moroi. Most often, this protectiveness is directed towards Lissa, although she has shown to be protective over others, including Dimitri, Christian, Adrian, Jill, and Viktoria.

Rose can be very sarcastic and sharp-tongued at times. She always has a smart ass comment ready whenever someone says something antagonistic to her, and always bites back with a witty insult. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, and can be extremely stubborn in her opinions. When challenged by Abe Mazur, she shows an almost childish insolence by intentionally staying in Baia after he tells her to leave. She can still be rebellious towards authority figures, as shown in her attitude towards Abe, as well as Queen Tatiana.

Although Rose is not necessarily conceited, she is very aware of the fact that she is beautiful. She is rather proud of her body, especially since most of the girls she is around are Moroi who are slim and underdeveloped. She also takes pride in her hair, mainly because Dimitri loves it. Also, although she has become much more practical, she can still be somewhat vain at times about her appearance, taking pride in how she looks.

Despite many changes in her personality, Rose remains a social creature. She can be friendly and warm, not shying away from meeting new people, and has considerable skill in social interactions. Very much like Lissa, Rose has a certain charisma that attracts people and make them flock to her, but there is still a significant difference in this charm: Lissa's allure stems from her royal refinement and intelligence while Rose's charm originates from her witty sense of humor, her sharp brilliance, and her formidable talent in Moroi protection.

Rose is also shown to be adept at using her feminine wiles. She has shown an ability to seduce men and sweet talk them into giving her what she wants. Examples include Mason and Adrian. Rose has also showed an ability to read people. She is excellent at reading body language, noticing things that others wouldn't.

Rose can be somewhat prejudiced in some matters, mostly involving the politics of Moroi society and the role that Dhampirs play. Growing up, she was taught several basic principles that have become ingrained into her mind. The most prominent is the motto of the guardians, "They come first," meaning the Moroi. However, she has also been taught that certain acts are taboo, and such thoughts remain to this day. For example, she used to hold great disdain for blood whores, or Dhampirs who chose not to become guardians. She considered it to be one of the worst things one could call a Dhampir, and found the very concept of blood whores to be disgusting and disgraceful. After spending time in Baia with the Belikovs, her opinion of them lightened, but she still could not bring herself to step foot inside a blood whore den. She is even more disgusted by the idea of male blood whores, a concept she initially found inconceivable, and still finds unsettling. Rose also believes that some things about Moroi society are constants, such as that the Dhampir don't have to worry about Strigoi during the daytime, that humans have no knowledge of their existence, and that Strigoi cannot penetrate the safety of wards. This is one reason she found the Badica massacre to be so disturbing because it challenged some of her most core beliefs.


Rose is considered to be a powerful and talented Guardian. As she has been seen to have been recommended by both Moroi and even Alchemists to be a talented Guardian. Furthermore, she has a Dhampir's abilities: regenerative healing factor, enhanced senses, endurance, strength and speed.

  • Martial Arts: Rose is a fully trained Guardian, having the ability to take down her opponent using martial arts without any form of weapon. Under the guidance and training of Dimitri Belikov, Rose was able to increase her ability eventually to where she was able to take down Strigoi and dhampir Guardians without fault. Even after two years away from the Academy, Rose was able to take down her opponents in class within a month of returning.
  • Weapon Adept: Being a fully trained and educated Guardian, Rose is able to use any form of weaponry against her opponents. She is able to control and kill her opponents with the Silver Stake (silver stakes kill strigoi) at the age of eighteen without even graduating her schooling. At the age of seventeen she was able to command a blunt sword to decapitate two Strigoi, one being extremely old Strigoi, when captured in Spokane. According to Sydney Sage, Rose is deadly when holding a weapon due to her amazing ability to kill her opponents during her confrontations. 
  • Shadow-kissed Capability: After being brought back from the dead by her best friend Vasilisa Dragomir, Rose began to develop strange abilities. Rose is able to feel what Lissa is feeling, and in a way, read her mind. Rose is also able to slip into Lissa’s head, thus “becoming one with her.” This is often referenced to as their bond. Some of Rose's other shadow kissed powers involve being able to tell when Strigoi are near and being able to interact with ghosts who help her kill the Strigoi as well. Rose also has one of the highest tolerances to compulsion ever found in Dhampirs, thanks to the effect of Lissa's extreme compulsion abilities.



Janine Hathaway[]

Rose originally had a grudge towards her mother for leaving her at the academy at a young age and never visiting her. When Janine comes to the school during Rose's senior year, their relationship starts to rebuild, particularly after the Spokane incident with Mason's death. After Rose was shot, Janine was worried for her life (despite the fact that Rose was recovering). Abe noted Janine for coddling her telling her not to perform in guardian full duties.

Abe Mazur[]

Rose never had any contact with her father until she was eighteen. But in Shadow Kiss, (chapter 15) while Rose is being reprimanded by Queen Tatiana, Tatiana accidentally let slip the first name of Rose's father, Ibrahim. The only information that Rose knew about him was that that he was Turkish, and she resembled him very much. Rose first met her father in Russia. She had no idea who he was, but he told her he was working for someone back in America. He pleaded with her to return there, but she refused. After seeing Abe for the last time in Russia, he gave her one of his scarves, just in case she felt cold on the ride back from Russia:
"It was one of his nicer ones, too: cashmere, woven with an array of brilliant colors, more suited to the Caribbean than here or Montana."
-- Rose Hathaway, Blood Promise, Chapter Twenty-Nine, page 465.

Rose returned to the Academy, and Rose's mother, Janine, told her the man she met was her father; after Janine identified the scarf as a family heirloom. At the end of Spirit Bound, Abe was Rose's lawyer during her hearing for the death of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov, which Rose was framed for. Rose is sentenced to a trial, while Abe promises she will never ever go to trial and that she won't be executed. In the beginning of Last Sacrifice Abe, Lissa, Christian, Mikhail Tanner, and a few others helped Rose escape the Royal Court jails. After Rose was shot, nearing the end of Last Sacrifice, Abe was said to be spoiling her with gifts and love. In Bloodlines, in Palm Springs, when Lee said that he was staying with his father more, Abe turned to Rose and said "Now that's devotion"showing that Abe wants Rose to be around him more. Rose affectionately calls her father "old man"and on some occasions "dad".


Dimitri Belikov[]

Rose and Dimitri by AllexandraCurte.jpeg

Rose and Dimitri first meet when she was seventeen and he comes to bring her and Lissa back to the Academy from Portland. Dimitri becomes Rose's mentor. Rose develops an immense crush on Dimitri, but later learns her feelings are more than that. While under Victor's Love Spell, they confess their growing feelings for one and other and nearly have sex in Dimitri's room, but break away from the spell when Dimitri throws away the enchanted necklace. They know that they can never be together because they are destined to be Lissa's Guardians. As Dimitri says, if he let himself love Rose, he would throw himself in front her, not Lissa. Rose is saddened by this, but respects his feelings. During the book, Shadow Kiss, Dimitri becomes Strigoi after Rose fights to go and get Eddie Castile, but when Rose gets the news from Mason that Dimitri was turned Strigoi, she leaves to go kill him.

Rose later becomes jealous of Tasha Ozera, who is in love with Dimitri, when she asks him to be her Guardian. This upsets Rose, but despite her jealousy, she tells Dimitri to take the offer to be Tasha's guardian (and the father of her children), a very selfless and noble thing for Rose to do. However, Dimitri refuses to take the offer because his heart lie with Rose, causing them to secretly hide their relationship from the eyes of the Guardians and Moroi until Rose was eighteen. Soon their sexual desires for each other could no longer be contained. After Rose is overcome with Spirit Darkness and nearly kills Jesse Zeklos, Rose and Dimitri have sex in a cabin, her first time with Rose losing her virginity to him. Their happiness, however, is short lived, as Dimitri is taken by Strigoi when the Academy is under attack. After the attack, mialabym everything appears to be okay, but then they find out that the Strigoi took some people, prisoners. After rescuing the prisoners, Dimitri is held captive and is turned into a Strigoi against his will. At this, Rose drops out of school to keep a promise that they made to each other: "If one of them ever turned Strigoi, to kill the other". Rose finds Dimitri in Russia, where Dimitri holds Rose captive and wants her to choose to become Strigoi, unlike him. Dimitri tries to enforce this by sucking her blood and making out a lot for pleasure , therefore making Rose high with endorphins but even then Rose refuses. Later, Rose escapes and stabs Dimitri in the heart with a silver stake but didn't push far enough into his chest to kill him. Rose then finds a way to save Dimitri with Spirit embedded into a stake, but only if a spirit user stabs him. Later, Dimitri is turned back by Lissa, just before it appears that Rose is actually going to kill Dimitri after many tries. After Dimitri turns back to normal, Dimitri tells Rose that he doesn't love her anymore because he feels that he doesn't deserve her after sucking Rose's blood whilst Dimitri was Strigoi. He also states that he has no room for anything in his heart other than guilt. Rose is heartbroken and devastated, and this nearly causes her to have sex with Adrian Ivashkov, but changes her mind due to none of them have any protection. So she offers, her neck to him . To drink her , blood instead of sex.

Dimitri and others break Rose out of prison after she is framed for killing Queen Tatiana in Last Sacrifice, and run away. Over time, their love for one another grows stronger.

When Rose is once again overcome with spirit, Dimitri successfully makes her forgive herself for accidentally killing Victor Dashkov, who Rose breaks out of prison to restore Dimitri from being strigio. Dimitri proclaims he loves her, and they have sex again in their hotel room. Dimitri and Rose travel back to Court, where Tasha is revealed as the killer and shoots Rose in the chest. Dimitri is overcome with grief believing to have lost her, though she recovered.

After Rose recovers, they're are able to have a real relationship after Dimitri is assigned to become Christian's Guardian instead of Lissa's, who is Rose's charge.

Romitri by OblivionsDream.jpeg

In Homecoming, it was revealed that Rose and Dimitri went to Russia together, where it was continuously hinted by Yeva that they going to get married, despite Rose not believing in her vision. Dimitri also hints to Rose that he wants to get married, but she repeatedly tells him she wants to have a number "2" in front of her age before she ever marries.

In Bloodlines Rose says that they are still together, but she is unhappy that they can't settle properly because they worry too much about Lissa and Jill.

In The Indigo Spell, during Sonya's and Mikhail's wedding reception, Rose and Dimitri stand arm in arm, and are later seen dancing with each other during the reception.

At the end of The Ruby Circle, it is revealed that Rose and Dimitri are engaged, although Rose says the engagement will last for a little while before they get married. She even says that she made it clear she has no intentions of getting married until there is a two at the beginning of her age.

Adrian Ivashkov[]

Rose first meets Adrian at the Ski Resort at Christmas, where Adrian flirts with her on several occasions, even going as far as sending her gifts to gain her affections. After Dimitri is turned, Rose gives Adrian a chance when she returns from Russia, and asks him to write her a letter asking her to date him which he does. They began dating, despite many disliking the relationship, and Rose becomes jealous when Adrian flirts with Avery Lazar. After Rose and Dimitri re-proclaim their love, Rose breaks up with Adrian due to that she cheated on him with Dimitri in a hotel room which is hard on him, as he was already deeply in love with her.

In Bloodlines, according to Jill, every time Adrian closes his eyes all he sees is Rose. However, this changes due to him falling in love with Sydney Sage. In The Golden Lily, Adrian states that even though he still feels hurt and kind of used by her, his love for Rose has faded and he hasn't thought much about her in a while. By The Fiery Heart, his romantic feelings have disappeared completely, and been replaced by respect and friendship. In Silver Shadows, Rose helps convince Lissa to help Adrian find Sydney, and when she finds out about Adrian and Sydney, Rose's eyes are full of acceptance and support for their relationship.

Mason Ashford[]

Rose has a brief relationship with her close friend, Mason Ashford, who had had a crush on her for years. However, she only does so in order to try and get over Dimitri. Despite the relationship, she continues to see Mason as a brother and nothing more. After Mason is attacked in Spokane, Rose covers his body in an attempt to protect him from harm. Rose is emotionally scarred by Mason's death. A few months later, (as a result of being Shadow-Kissed) she sees Mason's spirit. He appears to be trying to give her messages, which becomes helpful in locating the place which the Strigoi had been hiding. After the Strigoi attack on the Academy, Rose says goodbye to Mason as he moves on. Even though Rose says they were never really a couple, they shared a close intimate relationship which resembled a relationship.


Lissa Dragomir[]

Rose became best friends with royal Moroi, Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir when she was five when their teacher made them both write their long names, causing Rose to throw a textbook at the teacher. They continued to be close friends, eventually becoming like sisters. Lissa brings Rose back from the dead when she dies in the same car accident that kills the rest of the Dragomir family. Rose takes care of Lissa after they run away from the Academy for two years, including giving her blood. When they return to the Academy. Rose defends Lissa's honor and protects her with her life. After graduation, Lissa becomes Queen and Rose becomes Lissa's Guardian; even though she lost her title after they believed she killed Queen Tatiana. After Tasha is found to be the real killer, Rose takes a bullet for Lissa, nearly dying. Through everything that the two have been through, they maintain a close sister-like relationship, even as Guardian and Charge.

Christian Ozera[]

Originally, both Rose and Christian didn't get along. Mainly because Rose thinks Christian is dangerous, unstable, and a stalker, while Christian thinks Rose is unstable, insane and a liar. While Rose is assigned to guard Christian for school, they quickly learn many things about each other that they never have revealed to others, including either Dimitri or Lissa. They became very much like brother and sister, and despite their bickering, they care for each other included Both protective of Lissa

Eddie Castile[]

Rose is close friends to fellow dhampir, Eddie Castile, they met when they were young children, and become very much like brother and sister. After Mason's death, they comforted each other. They only have a falling out when Eddie wants to kill Dimitri (as Strigoi) and is stopped by Rose, causing some security guards to be killed. They quickly rebuild their friendship, as Eddie believes Rose is innocent when the Queen was murdered, and even helps her escape with Dimitri. Rose comes with Eddie to Palm Springs to help him move Jill there, and they're still shown to be close.

Mia Rinaldi[]

Originally Mia and Rose disliked each other. Its even mentioned in the books that Rose considers Mia her "mortal enemy", mainly because Mia dislikes Lissa over her deceased brother, Andre, sleeping with her and then dumping her. Mia persuades Jesse and Ralf to spread rumors that Rose is a Blood Whore around the Academy by sleeping with both of them. But after Spokane, the girls eventually became closer since, when Mia's mother was killed by Strigoi, Rose was sympathetic towards Mia. When Rose meets Mia months later at the Moroi Royal Court, where Mia was living with her father, they happily greet each other with a hug.

Jillian Mastrano Dragomir[]

Rose first meets young Jill at the Academy, when Jill begs Rose to teach her old-fashioned fighting and Rose reluctantly disagrees. They become friends, and Rose comforts Jill after they find out she's the half-sister of Lissa Dragomir. They continue a sister-like relationship even after Jill is placed into hiding at Palm Springs.

Sydney Sage[]

At the beginning the relationship between Rose and the human Alchemist Sydney Sage is distant. They first meet in Russia when Sydney helps Rose find Dimitri when he's a Strigoi, under the orders of Abe Mazur. But when Rose was convicted of the murder of Queen Tatiana, Sydney helps Rose to find Jill (Lissa's sister) and prove Rose's innocence. Over time they become close friends, as Rose was worries about Sydney and talks to her at Palm Springs. Their friendship is also evident as upon Adrian admitting his relationship with Sydney at Court, Rose was the first present to show acceptance.


Queen Tatiana Marina Ivashkov †[]

Rose and the Moroi Queen Tatiana Ivashkov were always at ends with each other. Rose disliked her for teasing and insulting Lissa in front of many other Moroi, while Tatiana disliked Rose for her outspoken persona. As Tatiana insulted Rose when the Queen mistakenly believed that Rose and Adrian were dating. Tatina was later murdered by Tasha Ozera, and Rose was framed for it because she cursed at the queen when she found out about the new law stating that 16 year olds can become gardians. Rose was immediately locked away for trial. Before her death, Tatiana left Rose a letter telling her to find Lissa's lost sibling and that she trusts Rose with the task more than anyone else, showing that Tatiana must have had some respect for Rose. She also said that she liked her in a way but feared she was too for her reckless, among other things.

Natasha Ozera[]

Simply put, Rose and former Moroi Royal Tasha Ozera were rivals for Dimitri's love. In the beginning of the series, Rose likes and respects Tasha for her outspoken persona when it comes to the idea of having Moroi fight alongside Dhampirs. But this quickly changes after Rose learns Tasha loves Dimitri as well. Rose grows jealous and sad since Tasha can give Dimitri children, while she can't. It was later learned that Tasha deeply dislikes Rose because of Dimitri's love for her, so much so, that she frames Rose for the murder of Queen Tatiana, hoping to get Dimitri all to herself, and later shoots Rose in the chest.

Victor Dashkov

Rose was close with him and his daughter, Natalie, till she found out that he had abducted Lissa as he knew about her spirit magic and wanted her to cure him by giving her life up. During this time, he distracted Rose and Dimitri using a lust charm as he knew they had feelings for each other. In Shadow Kiss, he sent Rose a letter telling her that he would make her relationship with Dimitri public knowledge, but the real motive behind the letter was so that she would visit him and answer his questions about Lissa. During the trial, he let an innuendo slip out about Rose and Dimitri but no one believed him. He was sent to Tarasov prison soon after he was found guilty. In Spirit Bound, Rose, with help from Lissa and Eddie broke Victor out of prison as they needed his help to contact his brother, Robert Doru, another moroi with spirit magic who had turned a strigoi back to their former self. For his help, she bargains with Victor's freedom. In Last Sacrifice, Victor and Robert meet with Rose in a spirit dream and help her find the illegitimate child of Eric Dragomir. After finding the child, Rose accidentally kills Victor in a fit of spirit induced rage. Robert is left behind and Victor's body is disposed.


Rosemarie is a female name from either English, Scottish, French or German origin. The name "Rose" means "Hrod" (Bright/Flame) and "Heid" (Kind) this can connect with Rose's personality. The name "Marie" comes from the name "Maria", which is Danish, English, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish as it means "Beloved", "Loved", or "Star of the Sea". The full name "Rosemarie" comes from the flower and herb Rosemarie. A rose is also connected to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of beauty and sexual desire, which can be connected to Rose's beauty.

Hathaway is an English and Welsh surname. It's a name for someone who either lives by a path, or across a heath. It can be derived from the Old English surname "Headuwig", which can mean "Strife", "Contention", and "War".

Mazur is Rose's father's surname, so it could also be her second surname. Mazur comes from Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish, meaning "Rustic".


  • Rosemarie is portrayed by American actress,Zoey Deutch, in the film adaptions of the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Film Series,she is portrayed by Macey Chipping as the younger version of Rose and Sisi Stringer in Peacock TV series.
  • Mead said in an interview that Rose and Dimitri may marry, but Rose will be resistant to settle down before the age of twenty. Rose also mentions this in Mead's short story 'Homecoming'.
    • In the epilogue of The Ruby Circle, Rose and Dimitri are engaged.
  • At the beginning both Rose and Dimitri dislike one parent from their family (Rose's mother and Dimitri's father).
  • The relationship between Rose and Dimitri starts when Rose realizes she has a huge crush Dimitri. This teenage crush turns into love and a real relationship between the two.
  • Rose doesn't drink coffee, but drinks tea instead. "I would never touch the stuff" (in regards to coffee).
  • In The Indigo Spell, Rose is a bridesmaid at Sonya Karp and Mikhail Tanner's wedding.
  • In a drabble Mead wrote from Dimitri's POV, he calls his Rose "wild girl". This is comparable to Rose's nickname, for him, "Comrade", though Dimitri never says "wild girl" aloud in canon.
  • In the film, Rose wears large amounts of leather, especially a jacket, on several occasions, despite the fact that she canonically wears secondhand, shabby clothes from the Salvation Army in the novels.
  • Rose states that she is a Agnostic Orthodox and isn't very religious. She only goes to church because it means she could hang out with Lissa without breaking her probation after she first returns to the Academy.
  • Rose was born in March 1996 in the film.
  • In the books, Rose Hathaway is biracial with slightly tan skin, dark hair and eyes which give her a look she describes as "semi-exotic desert princess".
  • During a Twitter chat in 2012, Mead stated that Rose is an Aries.
    • The birth dates for Aries are March 21 - April 19. Going by March 1992 as the birthday for Rose most widely accepted by the fandom, this puts her birthday at some point between March 21 - 31.
    • In the 'Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition', released on November 29, 2016, it is revealed in a journal entry, made by Lissa, that Rose's birthday is on March 21st.
    • According to Adrian at TRC, Rose learnt to swear in Russian. In Frostbite, she asks Dimitri to teach her, but he declines.
  • There is a fan-made Youtube series based on Vampire Academy[1] and Frostbite [2].