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Rose's training sliver stake

How It's MadeEdit

A silver stake is made by enchanting a plain silver stake with four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. Also, another variation of the "traditional" silver stake is to add another element into the stake: Spirit.   By adding spirit, the stake possesses healing powers if placed in the right hands.


A silver stake can be used for two things, either to kill a Strigoi or to save a Strigoi.

How to Kill a Strigoi with a Silver StakeEdit

Someone capable of killing a Strigoi, usually a trained guardian, must have a stake enchanted with the four main elements. The person needs a clear shot to the Strigoi's heart. When that shot appears, they jam the silver stake up past the ribs and the sternum and puncture the Strigoi's heart with the stake. The Strigoi will die after a few seconds.

How to Save a Strigoi with a Silver StakeEdit

The silver stake must be enchanted with the extra element spirit. A Moroi, usually not trained in staking Strigoi, spirit user must also perform the staking. Once the stake is past the ribs and sternum in the staking, the stake will puncture the heart and an insanely bright light will be emitted from the stake. The soul will be healed and inside the body once more. No Strigoi remains in the person after the staking, although they may feel immense guilt, fear, and betrayal about their actions while they were Strigoi.

Stake's MagicEdit

In Frostbite, Rose and Dimitri realize that humans have been working for Strigoi and if a human throws the stake into the wards, the wards will shatter due to the fact that both are empowered by earth, air, fire, and water. This is because a ward is meant to help and save but a stake is meant to kill and the two magics will contradict each other and the wards will falter.