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Simon is Avery Lazar's guardian. He died in a fight years ago, but Avery brought him back to life, making him shadow-kissed. After the spirit confrontation with Lissa, Adrian and Oksana, he went insane, along with Avery and Reed. The facts were that Simon died in a fight, that Avery witnessed. Everyone had though he had miraculous survived somehow, but the truth was that Avery, who was a spirit user, brought him back to life. Since no one at the time knew of the existence of spirit, no one could have suspected the truth, and Avery kept her powers a secret and later brought Reed back to life. Avery abused her bond to Simon and Reed, using them to absorbed her darkness and use their energy. While Reed showed signs of the darkness he suck from Avery, Simon was much better at hiding it, likely due to his training as a guardian to keep his emotions hidden.