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St. Vladimir's Academy is a boarding school where Moroi and dhampir guardian novices are educated. It's located in the deep forests of Montana and protected with charmed wards placed just outside the school grounds.

St. Vladimir's Academy

Known subjects[]

  • Advanced Calculus (Moroi & novices)
  • Advanced Guardian Combat Techniques (novices)
  • American Colonial Literature (Moroi)
  • Ancient Poetry (Moroi)
  • Animal Behavior and Physiology (Moroi & novices)
  • Basics of Elemental Control (Moroi)
  • Bodyguard Theory and Personal Protection 3 (novices)
  • Creative Writing
  • Culinary Science
  • Moroi Culture 4 (Moroi & novices)
  • Physiology (Novices, junior year)
  • Precalculus (Moroi & novices)
  • Russian 2 (Moroi)
  • Senior Language Arts (novices)
  • Slavic Art (Moroi & novices)
  • Weight Training and Conditioning (novices)

    Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov outside of St. Vladimir's Academy.

Based on the numbers following some of the classes, it can be assumed that Moroi Culture 1, 2, and 3 exist as well as Bodyguard Theory and Personal Protection 1, 2; Russian 1; and Language Arts for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Basic/Intermediate Guardian Combat Techniques, and specialized elemental classes are also highly likely to be part of the course catalog.

Known Teachers & Staff[]

Known Students[]


  • In the film the students have uniforms, as originally Richelle had wanted uniforms in the books but decided not to, but when offered to have uniforms in the film by Mark Waters, she agreed for uniforms for the students.
  • In every emblem of each student it is coloured if they are Moroi in the Fire, Water users etc; whereas the Dhampir novices have a Promise Mark through the middle of the element symbols on the emblem.