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The Keepers means, that unlike your people, we still keep the old ways, the way we truly should.

-- Raymond, in Last Sacrifice. Page 140.

The Keepers are a group of humans, Dhampirs, and Moroi who live away from modern society. Usually they live in the secluded woods. The name of the group "The Keepers" is a play on words about how the group "keeps" the old ways of the Moroi.

A Quote From the Keepers, Explaining Some of Their WaysEdit

"Is there a new queen yet?"
"No," said Sydney. "They'll have elections soon and choose."
The group's smiles were replaced by looks of disdain and disapproving mutters about elections. I couldn't help myself. "How else would they choose a new king or queen?"
"In the true way," said a nearby dhampir. "The way it used to be, long ago. In a battle to the death."
-- A conversation in Last Sacrifice. Page 138-139.

The quote explained: The dhampir who spoke, answering Rose Hathaway's question, was speaking for everyone. The Keepers have a strong belief in the old ways that the Moroi government was run. Long ago, as the dhampir said, it was a battle to the death for anyone who wanted to be king or queen of the Moroi. When the Moroi became more modern, they adapted the modern way of electing their monarch: through elections and tests.

A Quote From Vampire Academy: The Ultimate GuideEdit

The Keepers: "Moroi who prefer to keep the old, more backward ways and traditions. They live together in communes, far away from the rest of society, and marry whomever they like, be it Moroi, dhampir, or human." -- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide. Page 302.

The Keeper and Alchemists RelationsEdit

It is apparent by a conversation between Sarah and Sydney Sage that the Alchemists provide the Keepers with supplies every so often. Sydney is disappointed to hear that the Alchemists haven't brought anything to them in a few months. This conversation can be seen on page 143 of Last Sacrifice.

The Keeper "Terms"Edit

They refer to the follow as:

Known Members of the KeepersEdit

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