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This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And the most disturbing.

—Trey Juarez

Trey Juarez is an 18 year old vampire hunter who lives in Palm Springs, CA. He is a supporting character in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, and one of Sydney Sage's only friends. He is described as being intelligent, muscular, sarcastic, witty, and easy to talk to. He is first introduced in Bloodlines, where he attends Amberwood Prep with Jill, Eddie and Sydney. He helps Sydney find out about the mysterious tattoo shop, Nevermore, and first suspects Sydney for her intelligence, but grows to become fond of her. In The Golden Lily, it is he who sets her up with her first boyfriend, Brayden Cartwright. Trey is described as tan with unruly black hair and intense brown eyes. He works at Spencer's, the coffee shop where Sydney likes to get her coffee. Sydney noted that this is good luck as it often means free drinks and discounts, as well as a friendly face.


Trey Juarez is first introduced in Bloodlines, when Sydney Sage impresses and incites his suspicion with her intelligence in History and Chemistry class. Trey, who is the student aid for the History teacher and a senior like Sydney, asks Sydney whether her golden lily alchemist tattoo, which is made of gold ink and vampire magic, grants her super intelligence. When Sydney asks what he means, it is Trey who tells her that almost all the students here at Amberwood Prep have been getting magical tattoos from a mysterious tattoo shop called Nevermore. The tattoos enhance something for everyone, like good looks or athleticism. Trey and Sydney become friends, and Trey admits that he works hard at football because he has a lot of pressure in his family to succeed in athletics, but it is impossible for him to succeed in football and get the quarter back position because other boys are cheating and getting the magical tattoos to make them faster, stronger, and better than humanly possible. Sydney then teams up with Adrian to solve the tattoo shop mystery, and thanks to Sydney(who manages to shut down the store), Trey is able to get the position he wants and becomes the star football player at Amberwood Prep. This causes Trey to admire and like Sydney even more. Sydney, in this book, also accidentally sees Trey's tattoo of the sun on his back, and though Trey says it is not from Nevermore, Sydney wonders why he gets so nervous when she talks about it.

The Golden LilyEdit

In The Golden Lily, Trey Juarez is enjoying life as the star football player at Amberwood Prep, and is still close friends with Sydney Sage. The two are partners in all Chemistry and History projects. After Sydney returns from a trip to the underground Alchemist bunker, Trey asks her if she is dating anyone, and tells her about his co- worker Brayden Cartwright, who is just as smart and academically successful as Sydney.Sydney declines Trey's invitation to a date with Brayden, but Trey tells her that if she ever changes her mind, he has Brayden's work schedule. Later on, when Sydney stops at Spencer's, the coffee shop where Trey works, she accidentally meets Brayden and the two discuss Latin together. Trey is happy that Sydney is finally on a date and quickly spreads the word. After Sydney Sage and Sonya Karp are attacked by humans (vampire hunters) one night, one of Sydney's captors seems surprised and accidentally releases Sydney. After the attack, Trey doesn't show up to classes for a few days, but when he does (only to receive homework and assignments to keep up), he has many bruises and looks tired. Sydney worries he might have an abusive family, but after Sonya Karp goes missing and she sees a sign with Trey's tattoo on it in a vision, she realizes the bruises are from training with the vampire hunters and that Trey is indeed one of the vampire hunters. She tracks down Trey, who admits to it and says they have Sonya. Sydney asks him to arrange a meeting between her and the hunters, so she will talk them out of killing Sonya and explain Sonya isn't Strigoi. Trey agrees and says Sydney must come alone. He blind folds her and takes her to the hunters, where Sydney must watch Trey fight with his cousin Chris, to see who gets to kill Sonya Karp. Sydney watches the battle, and sees that Trey could have won, but that Trey purposefully lost the fight because he didn't want to kill Sonya because his instincts told him that Sonya wasn't evil, or Strigoi. This also makes Sydney realize that she is in the same situation with the Alchemists as Trey is with the hunters; they were all brought up thinking vampires were evil and such, but their instincts tell them otherwise. After the compound is invaded by the guardians and Sonya and Sydney escape, Trey's family is exiled from the vampire hunter society, but Trey feels okay about it. His and Sydney's relationship is not damaged, and he feels happier than he had in months since the vampire hunters arrive. He keeps playing football.

The Indigo SpellEdit

After being dropped officially from the Warriors of the Light, Trey is going on with life as normal. He remains friends with Sydney despite the issues of the Warriors. Trey is found to be having a hangover from a party that he had that night before, Sydney gives him her answers to the chemistry assignment and exchange for him being Angeline's tutor for maths. Trey tutors Angeline and at the beginning, this is a problem when Trey "implies" that she was unintelligent on their first day of tutoring, causing Angeline to give Trey a concussion when she threw a book at his head. As time went on, Trey had begun a secret affair with Angeline, completely unaware that she was dating Eddie at the time. One night, Trey attempted to go into Angeline's doom room but was caught, to this he was given detention. He told Sydney that he couldn't be with Angeline because she was a dhampir and he wanted to be back with the Warriors, but he is deeply in love with Angeline. Sydney doubts that Trey truly wants back into the Warriors and sees that he wants to be with Angeline.


Trey Juarez is, according to Sydney Sage, a "bona fide" football player who is very intelligent, but also according to Sydney, likes to hide his intelligence for an unknown reason, possibly to fit in and be popular without being too intimidating because of his brains.

Trey is sarcastic, funny, and is in some aspects like Adrian Ivashkov. He puts on a laughing, witty, easy going front, but can be very serious. He yearns for approval from his family and the vampire hunters, much like Sydney Sage does with the Alchemists, and is fighting against his instincts that Moroi and Dhampirs are not evil, like Sydney, because, also like Sydney, he was brought up otherwise. Trey takes his profession very seriously and is a hard worker, but you couldn't tell from looking at him. He is very tired on the inside from having to prove himself to be equal to or better than his "perfect" cousin Chris.

He is also popular with girls, like Adrian.


Angeline Dawes Edit

Trey saw Angeline in The Golden Lily, but he shows no interest in her until after Angeline loses her temper at a pep rally and punches a motivational group as well as destroys the speakers in the gym. He thinks her being able to throw such good punches and take out the entire motivational group, as well as a speaker, is pretty hot, and expresses his hopes to ask her out after Sydney says Angeline is suspended for 2 weeks. At the Halloween dance, Angeline (though still under suspension) sneaks in wearing a mask, and she and Trey are found by Sydney, Jill, and Eddie engaging in conversation. It is unknown whether Angeline is interested in Trey, but her returning his interest is unlikely as she has been throwing herself over Eddie since the beginning of The Golden Lily, and has agreed to go out with Eddie and was found holding hands with him.

In The Indigo Spell, Trey becomes Angeline's tutor for maths only to end with them making out behind the library. They begin a secret affair, as Angeline is still dating Eddie. Trey reveals to Sydney that he is in love with Angeline, however, he says they can't be together because she's a dhampir and he wants the Warriors to take him back. Sydney and the readers are left knowing that isn't true as we see a flash of hope in Trey's eyes when Sydney tells him to hold onto the love he feels for Angeline.

In The Fiery Heart, Trey is jealous that Angeline is hanging out with another Dhampir, Neil Raymond, and asks Sydney if Angeline is dating him to which she tells him that she isn't, he asks Sydney to keep Angeline single because he has learned that she is more important than that Warriors. Trey attempts to keep himself distant from Angeline while he makes his decision on his life. After he catches Angeline sneaking out of her dorm, he goes with her and Jill to Los Angeles where Sydney, Neil and Eddie are taking down an old Strigoi. At the the end of the fight, Trey and Angeline make up and are seen holding hands. They begin dating by the end of the book.

In Silver Shadows, Trey and Angeline had been dating for four months now, and even though they're trying to downplay their affection for each other in front of their friends, they're still deeply in love. Adrian is sharing his apartment with Trey and he often warns him he better not find Trey and Angeline making out on his couch.

Sydney SageEdit

Sydney Sage and Trey Juarez are close friends. Besides her family, Trey is probably Sydney's best human friend. The two got along well from the start, and Trey had admired Sydney even more ever since she was able to close down the tattoo shop Nevermore and help Trey get the position he wanted on the football team. Trey is the one who sets Sydney up with her first boyfriend, Brayden. Sydney and Trey both suffer from a similar kind of pressure. Sydney wants to be loyal and praised by her horrible, verbally abusive father and the Alchemists, and Trey wants to prove himself worthy to his own family and the vampire hunters. This helps their friendship become a little more deeper than the usual. They are both very intelligent, though Trey likes to hide it, and enjoy each other's company.

Eddie CastileEdit

Trey seems to be friends with Dhampir Eddie Castile, despite him being a Dhampir. As they seem to share the same sense of humor and jokes. Trey felt remorse for not knowing that Angeline was dating Eddie when he was having a affair with Angeline in their tutor lessons. They're still friends and they work together on Silver Shadows to free Sydney from re-education.


  • Trey was a vampire hunter.
  • The name "Trey" means "Three", originating in Italy. The name Juarez originates from a time in the 5th century a.d. when the fierce tribes known as the Visigoths swept down from Northern Germany. and destroyed the Roman Empire, of which Spain was a part.
  • Trey has the tattoo of the sun on his back.
  • Trey and Sydney are very similar to each other:
    • They both are part of a secret organization that hates vampires.
    • They both are doubting the rules they've grown up with all their lives.
    • Their fathers (Mr. Juarez and Jared Sage) have unreasonably high expectations of them.
    • They both have fallen in love with a vampire/half-vampire (Adrian and Angeline respectively).
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