Sad news, Vampire Academy fans! According to a tweet from the screenwriter Daniel Waters, Eddie Castile is getting cut from the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters film!

His words are "To give our main characters the soul, complexity, and dimension they deserve, some of the more supporting characters have suffered. For this reason, Team Vampire Academy has decided to postpone Eddie Castile's intro until a hoped-for adaptation of Frostbite"

For those of you who might not remember, Eddie is a male Dhampir who is Mason Ashford's best friend and a good friend to Rose Hathaway. Eddie, along with Mason and Mia Rinaldi goes out to hunt Strigoi in Frostbite. He is a supporting character with some pretty important parts in the series, so it's sad to see him get cut from this movie!

Source: Examiner

What do you think about this decision to not have an Eddie Castile?

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