Okay, Hello everyone! I'm a an italian fan and this means that ALL the extra, bloodlines an averything else about VA are not availabe in my country. 
I'm reading Bloodlines in english while I translate the other extras like Homecoming and The Original Begging in italian.

I have a question about VA and I hopes I'll receive an answer.
After the bond disapperead, Rose is still a shadow-kissed? I think so, 'cause the bond and the fact she's return from the death r two diffents things but I'm not sure about that.
In the book it's not so specific, Richelle told us that the bond who Rose shared w/ Lissa disappear but the other capacibility? Like feel the Strigoi when they are so close? Or the ghost? 
I'm reading Homecoming and Rose ask Mark if he felt some nauseous when they wait of Blood King, this means that she's dosn't feel it anymore? I really don't know.
I've read in this wiki that Rose could have a baby with another dhampir 'cause she is shadow-kissed, so if she can't feel the Strigoi this means that she lost her 'power' so how this can be releated to the baby thing?

In the book Victor explained that being shadow-kissed it's leave a mark on soul, this 'mark' disappeared when Rose nearly dead again?
The bond with Lissa and the being shadow-kissed r two different thing, connected yeah, but diffentent like it's explained in the book (Rose see ghost because is shadow-kissed and not because she's is freaking out for the spirit)

I hope someone can answer me!! 


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