Am I the only person who thinks it's weird and stupid that a moroi and a dhampir can only have dhampir kids ? Shouldn't their kids be moroi ?

Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway is the offspring of a Moroi and a Dhampir, so she's three quarters moroi and only a quarter dhampir so why is she a dhampir ?

Going via the wikia page (I have not read the books) all of the dhampirs since the middle ages are born through a moroi and another Dhampir union so all of the dhampirs are mostly moroi having very little human in them seeing that no dhampirs have been born from a moroi and human union since then. 

BEFORE you write read the reproduction I did and the last person who edited messed up

"The reproduction of the Dhampir system is seen that they can only procreate through a Moroi (male/female), they can become pregnant through a Moroi in a relationship. A Dhampir cannot reproduce through another Dhampir or even a human, thus a Dhampir relationship with another Dhampir cannot create another Dhampir as a female Dhampir cannot reproduce. This also occurs with humans, as a Dhampir cannot have children with a human due to them also being able to procreate. This causes the Dhampir race to stay near the Moroi race so that they are able to reproduce with them."

Of course female dhampirs can reproduce, Janine Hathaway is prime example she is a femal Dhampir and a mother she gave birth to Rose Hathaway. According to the wikia page a male and female or either Moroi and Dhampir can procreate so both male and female dhampirs are fertile and can reproduce. This means that they ought to be able to have children with other Dhampirs and also human, not just moroi.

I am also very aware that I am building my case using a page I am also finding faults with.

Please share your opinions and thoughts.

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