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Ready to return to St. Vladimir's? Join the Class of 2015 & help us get FROSTBITE into production.

Together our petition just got worked! Ain't you guys happy? Now we have somethings to be done to get let our dream come to life!! Want to see Adrian? Maybe Eddie, Tasha and Janine Hathaway and many more? Then support The Frostbite campaign at Indiegogo. The producers and other trying their best to bring this project to us, the fans! Make contribution see the change! From one dollar to 10,000 dollar it does not matter, every little counts! What makes it best, we got perks!!!! So below are the links you guys need to know, just click for more details. And do not forget to get loud, let all peeps know about this!

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Contribute Here!!!

Frostbite A Vampire Academy Film (Pitch Video)

Frostbite A Vampire Academy Film (Pitch Video)

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