Viktoria Belikova is the youngest sister of Dimitri Belikov. She lives in Baia, Russia and  attends an academy in Russia called St Basil's, which is named after a human saint. Viktoria met Rosemarie Hathaway when Rose travelled to Baia to hunt down Dimitri. Viktoria is said to have a strong independent attitude, very similar to her brother. 

In Blood Promise, Rose and Viktoria hit it off immediately, and become particularly close. Viktoria admits that she sees Rose as a sister, and while she can't replace Dimitri, she and the rest of her family adore Rose and feels like she belongs. Viktoria is in a relationship with a Moroi named Rolan Kislyak, a non-royal who previously had a relationship with Sonya Belikova, Viktoria's older sister. The relationship resulted in Sonya getting pregnant with Rolan's child, a relationship which Viktoria didn't know anything about. Viktoria got into an argument with Rose Hathaway during their last meeting, because Rose "separated" Viktoria and Rolan permanently by having Abe Mazur threaten Rolan, and getting him to leave Viktoria alone.

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