Water User Symbol

A Water User is a Moroi with the element to control and manipulate water that is

around them. It is considered the weaker of the Elements when versing a Strigoi in combat. Though this has been proven wrong by Mia Rinaldi who used her ability to make a water tank explode and trap a Strigoi in Spokane. 

Jillian Mastrano Dragomir is another water user who had used her ability at Palm Springs where she took the small lake at the golf club and made it like a waterfall. A water user can also use their ability to melt snow, slush that surrounds them, and freeze water

Water Magic is also combined with Earth Magic to create the Alchemist Tattoos for Alchemists.

Known Water UsersEdit

Quote from Vampire Academy: The Ulitmate Guide Edit

A water user can manipulate water, moving it through the air to drown someone where they stand. A less-violent use could be melt snow so slush falls on passerby." -- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide. Page 274.

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