Zoe Sage is the younger sister of Carly and Sydney and the daughter of Jared. She is 15 years old and training to be an Alchemist. When Sydney convinces the other Alchemists to send her to Palm Springs instead of Zoe, the younger girl feels humiliated and accuses Sydney of wanting all the glory for herself.

In The Golden Lily, Sydney admits that the hardest part about the mission is being away from her mother and sisters, Carly and Zoe.

In The Indigo Spell, Sydney runs into Zoe at an Alchemist church service. Zoe seems to be a lot less antagonistic, although she is still enthusiastic about becoming an Alchemist. She later becomes an Alchemist and joins her sister at Amberwood.

In The Fiery Heart, Zoe is very hostile with the group because of the anti-vampire beliefs as a result of her Alchemist training. She has seen to have sided with her father during the divorce case, as she even argues with Sydney constantly over this. She doesn't want to stay with her mother because it would take her away from being a Alchemist. Zoe is also seen to have confrontations with Sydney due to her going on trips with Jackie and the others, which she sees as distractions from the Alchemist duties. She eventually finds the "Love Phone" that Sydney and Adrian use to communicate with each other in the backseat of Sydney's car. Zoe reported her sister and her relationship with Adrian to the Alchemists, which leads to her sister being captured and taken to Re-Education by her father and others. After this another Alchemist is sent to Palm Springs in replacement of Sydney as she tells Adrian that she doesn't know where Zoe is reassigned.

In Silver Shadows, Sydney is told while still in isolation that Zoe cried when Sydney said she didn't want to see her, and that Zoe wanted to bring a skinny vanilla latte if she was allowed to visit. She is seen at the end of the story at Court with her father and Ian in an attempt to take Sydney back to re-education. Adrian noted that Zoe seemed to either feel guilt over sending Sydney to re-education or was shocked that her sister was married.

By The Ruby Circle , Zoe has become somewhat disillusioned of the Alchemists, although she does still believe in their goals. She was shocked to discover that her father was providing aid to the Warriors of Light. She seemed happy to learn that Sydney blackmailed their father into allowing their mother to visit Zoe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sydney thinks that Zoe and Jillian are alike as they both are the same age, and have a quiet strength about them.
  • Zoe became deeply resentful of Sydney taking over the Palm Springs post, although she resents Sydney less when she becomes a junior Alchemist.
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